Data, algorithms and expert rules

Operating a modern building requires a complex balancing act of; running building infrastructure, tenant comfort calls and energy efficiency. Data is available from BMS alarms, comfort calls, occupancy, weather and metering dashboards. The data usually only indicates that there is a problem but does not indicate the cause or the overall impact. RedShare has developed an Advanced Building Analytics platform to solve these problems.

We aggregate all relevant data (BMS, weather, energy dashboards, occupancy, schedules etc.) in our cloud based platform. We continuously process all relevant data points (set points, pumps, valves, boilers, chillers, temperatures, occupancy, energy usage etc.) and have proprietary algorithms for automated fault detection. For a standard building, we track an average 250 data points every 15 minutes and we apply hundreds of business rules to detect faults and inefficiencies. Automated fault detection covers amongst others timing, set point, technical and logical issues.

Our time series analysis allows us to pinpoint exactly when, where and why faults and inefficiencies occur. The algorithms have been developed in close cooperation with industry experts and correctly identify 99% of common building issues. The remaining 1% is resolved by our in-house experts.

Our platform uses the latest big data technology available and is flexible and scalable. The platform is designed to work with all major BMS suppliers.

Hidden inefficiencies

Fans not running in sync. Sometimes the supply fan and return fan are out of sync. There is no point in only one of the two running and the energy for running only one of the two is wasted.