On average 30% of energy in commercial buildings is wasted. [Energystar]
70% of buildings infrastructure are not running correctly. [TNO]
Buildings are responsible for 20% of overall CO2 emissions. [Forbes]

Common themes

  • High energy usage despite good building rating
  • Unable to find root cause of issues
  • Structural tenant comfort problems
  • Lack of insight into energy usage
  • Lack of attention on energy usage and CSR

Our automated fault detection algorithms cover all of the above themes and detect any inefficiencies that occur due to BMS settings, seasonal effects or manual intervention. Energy inefficiencies are hard to detect because of the complexity and interaction of BMS, building infrastructure, expertise required and limited access to data.

The tailor made dashboards for owners, facility managers and engineering companies ensure each party has access to the required information, ensuring consistency, transparency and common action points.

Veelvoorkomende verborgen inefficiëntie

Air temperature differences while valves are closed. Sometimes valves are leaking which cause air to be heated while the valve should be closed. We compare air temperature differentials vs valve positions to detect such technical issues.